SAO Kirito Elucidator Sword for sale

The Elucidator Sword was the signature weap

kirito elucidator

on of Kirito in Sword Art online anime series. He used this very sword in all of his fights until he achieved a rare technique known as dual wielding in the VR game. The stylish black paint job just looks fantastic on the stainless steel constructed blade. The guard is pure metal construction orginating the handle that offers a comfortable grip. For more details, Visit the link.

Sasuke Uchiha Kusanagi Sword

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Have you ever wondered the Sword of Kusanagi or Sasuke Sword replica can actually be bought now? I mean did you know this item is available in real life? Well, you need not to worry anymore as Animation Swords has brought the marvelous prop. Containing a durable full tang stainless steel construction, the sword really has some perks and looks. From the design to its unique shape, it surely is a blade like no other. Buy the Sasuke Uchiha Kusanagi Sword Replica here: