Real life Advent Children Buster Sword Replica

To be honest, sometimes I personally feel like the fans take the things to a drastic edge. Sometimes, they think that the characters are real than their real world friends and everything else is fake. No doubt some series and characters leave a long lasting effect on the viewer/player but who actually does cosplays?

If you ask me, I am a cosplay fan myself. I have attended hundreds of Anime conventions in US and done a couple of cosplays myself. Now to the point, the store I work for has presented a new version of Advent Children Buster Sword that looks just like the real one. You could say it’s a real life version. Why I’m exaggerating things a little bit? Because the visuals are damn too good to be real. Got my point? Here’s the brief explanation. Our store is offering the fanciest item for an unbelievable price of $76.50. The whole blade features six different sized stainless steel blades mounted together by means of screws. And not only that, they have paid special attention to the details and the way you want to hold the whole item. For easy carrying, the leather wrapped handle will do just fine. Want to buy this item or simply want to know more? Read the full product specifications




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